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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Web Designers from the planet Charleston

The Design Group, a web design company sent from the planet of Charleston, is actually a front for a group of OCD alien web developers on a mission to take over the World... Wide Web that is. These aliens are offering superior web design services to businesses looking to establish themselves on the web. And every day the aliens continue to grow stronger.

This alone, however, is not enough. In order to take over the World Wide Web the aliens have devised a new plan. By sharing their superior alien development tactics and trade secrets with others they are taking over the Web at an incredible rate. The curious thing is... by reading this blog you are taking part in the invasion. A piece of the puzzle as it were, you now have a very big part in The Design Group’s total domination of the web.

So read on curious human. We want you to learn our web design secrets. Every bit of knowlege you absorb from this blog in that sponge-like brain of yours will help us dominate the World Wide Web. We must dominate, we must succeed.

Why you might ask?
Because we’re aliens, and that’s what we do.


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John said...
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